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We provide mentorships, marketing projects and jobs for enthusiastic students & graduates looking to pursue careers in marketing.

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Recruit ambitious marketing graduates and students to join your business, either for projects or full time careers.

Launch Your Marketing Career and Future

Learn from the best and gain the relevant skills and experience to blast off your marketing career.

What We Do

Projects & Jobs

We connect talented marketing students with businesses to work on short to mid-term projects that give businesses real value and provide students with invaluable professional experience that clear their path to find their dream job.

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Our mentors work with you to provide guidance at every step and in multiple languages; English, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Greek. Whether you are considering a career in marketing, starting your own business, or want to further your studies, our mentors are here to help.

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Our mentors work with students and graduates to develop the skills that add value to businesses. Whether you are considering a career in marketing, starting your own business, or furthering your studies, our mentors are here to help in multiple languages.

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Our Values

We believe that small businesses and start-ups deserve access to first-rate marketing support. In a rapidly evolving industry where digital marketing is becoming an integral part of a successful business strategy, it is imperative that all businesses take advantage of the varied marketing opportunities available. Whether you want to: access new customers via social media, increase your website hit rate or learn how to develop into new markets, we provide an accessible way to get the expertise you need to succeed.

What this means for businesses:
Do you have a marketing project or campaign and you are not sure to hire a new employee or not! Through GLADINGTON you can get an extra hand to help you out by gaining access to young talented minds that can provide the help you need in a value exchange manner. You get the job done the students get the experience they are looking for, where you can save time and money.

What this means for our marketing mentees:

Our mentees, whether students or graduates are given the support they need to learn new skills and access invaluable experiences in a wide variety of local industries. Local businesses and start-ups are the lifeblood of our urban economies, and they provide unique learning experiences for individuals who wish to pursue careers in the marketing sector. Our mentees learn the skills that give businesses real value and get access to projects and jobs in the marketing sector.

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Our workshops are run by ambitious industry leaders, from start-up owners to web-designers. Whatever your ambitions in marketing, whether you want a new job or want to start your own business, we help you develop the skills that add real value to companies.

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I would definitely recommend this service!

“I am a marketing student from France, and I recently finished my studies at Aston University. Using mentoring services was a great opportunity to get guidance and advice from qualified individuals. Information from mentors sometimes differs from advice given by teachers and academics and is often more pragmatic. It really helped me this year, I felt more confident and it reassured me. I would definitely recommend this service!”

MSc student

Start Up Support

"We are an online media startup that was looking to launch a new product into the market. We needed to under take detailed market research to find out more about our audience's habits, needs and characteristics. Gladington connected us with a motivated and diligent masters student who conducted a series of detailed surveys, which helped us understand the market and directly informed our new product development.”

Ahmed Ahmed
Director of DineHub