About Us!

We believe that students & graduates do not get the support and access to experience that lets young professionals flourish. We were tired of hearing the same story: students and graduates unable to find their first job because companies required them to already have professional experience. Internships do not provide this invaluable experience, and often add no benefit to companies.

Founded by an alumni of Aston University, Gladington aims to change this. We connect companies and students/graduates to collaborate and grow together. Whether it is to carry out short / medium term projects that provide real value for business and individuals, or to provide permanent jobs for talented graduates.

Our team brings together young professionals to provide enthusiastic students and graduates the opportunity to build skills and connect with companies so that they can take their career to the stars.

Omran Al Habbal

CEO & Founder

Omran has worked as a Market research Consultant for various international and local research companies. He has traveled to more than 6 countries allowing him to develop a multinational personality after moving from Syria to Malaysia, then Egypt, Lebanon and the UK. Omran has a vast experience in research and marketing implemented in a variety of sectors including civil society organisations as well as for-profit businesses. In 2013,Omran decided to pursue a Bachelors in Marketing at the University of Beirut Arab where he met Sana. He realized how much he loved marketing prompting his move to Birmingham, UK to do his MSc in Strategic Marketing Management at Aston Business School, where he met Cindy. Through Gladington, Omran is merging Sana’s content writing skills with Cindy’s leadership skills, and combining them with his own vision to create a new concept in the marketing world.

Sana Tarabay

Lebanon Director

Sana is a part-time Content and Communications Officer at a Not-for-Profit research centre. She is also a full time marketing geek who enjoys talking non-stop about marketing trends. She enjoys writing in her own blog (Scratches-خربشات) while sipping her favorite homemade iced tea. Sana decided to major in Marketing since she believed her character applies to this field in many aspects. She pursued her marketing degree at Beirut Arab University where she met Omran, forming a strong bond and close relationship through their love of Marketing. Sana is currently completing her MBA degree at Haigazian University. Civic work and public initiation is a big concern for Sana, as she spent more than 5 years in the Civil Society sector, volunteering and working with local and international NGOs. Sana loves writing, trying new kinds of food, and also listening to music while walking back home from her work.

Stephen Wright

Creative Director

Steve studied English Literature and Language at the University of Oxford. Since he graduated he has worked as the creative director for a number of start ups and small businesses. He combines a passion for clear expression with graphics design and web development. He is also a social media marketing expert, having built a personal brand with over 25 million views on Youtube.

Cindy T

UK Director

Cindy is currently working as a Communications Officer for a local Council. She has previously worked in Recruitment and the Education sector. She studied in France and lived there for 7 years before moving back to the UK to complete a MSc in Strategic Marketing Management at Aston University where she met Omran. She previously worked at CRCC Asia, the largest and leading internship provider in Asia, where she handled all aspects of Marketing, devised and implemented a marketing strategy for the French Market. Cindy loves travelling, learning new languages and of course, all things marketing. Cindy doesn’t like bread, ice cream and hot weather.